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kits for making hands with relatives and friends

Номер объявления ID: 5370
Размещено 18 апреля в 12:56   Просмотров: 54
МОСКВА, Центральный АО
igor Artemenko
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Цена, руб.:1 950

ISCULP sets allow you to create snapshots of your hands at home with friends and family, everything you need is included in the kit, you only need water and a little attention. The set is designed for a sculpture of 2-3 hands and a sculpture height of 17-18 centimeters. This is a great gift for many years, the ISCULP sets are an excellent and incredible gift for a birthday or a new year, a wedding or an anniversary, March 8 or February 23. children and adults.
A gift from ISCULP will surprise both an adult and a child, and the simplicity of making a cast of hands will like it and will not leave you indifferent. the sculpture will last at least 50 years and nothing will happen to it at all, your little story will live and carry the warmth of your hands. Feelings are in the form of ISCULP

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URL адрес магазина: hhhe.org/isculp

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